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Independent ASEA Consultant is an Independent ASEA® Consultant, reseller and distributor located in Reston, Northern Virginia.  

Welcome to my ASEA Website where I hope to build a database of information and people who use ASEA. I started buying ASEA because my sister was selling it. I wanted to support her so I bought it without really thinking. I’m a healthy 47-year-old. I have a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, exercise regularly. In other words, I didn’t think I needed it. Before ASEA I had been taking about 12 supplements daily and had been taking it for over two years. These supplements include Tumeric, Glutathione, Raw B Vitamins, Trace Minerals, etc. They were mostly whole-food based vitamins as I wanted my body to fully absorb the nutrients and didn’t want any synthetic ingredients in my body. I spent about $350 /month on supplements — whole-food based vitamins are not cheap. Nowadays, I only spend $150 /month on ASEA. Its undoubtedly replaced every supplement I’ve ever taken.


Professional Background

I don’t normally subscribe to multi-level marketing products because I’ve never believed in MLM. In my mind, if a product has merit, it should start selling itself! Right? I see you nodding.

I’m a successful professional with my own business. In fact, here’s my public Linkedin profile (feel free to add me to your network). Why am I marketing ASEA? Aside from the fact that it has healed my physical ailments and I am so amazed by it. I am also someone thats never prescribed to and absolutely detest the US Healthcare System. Americans are dying left, right and center and the US Government isn’t doing anything about it. In fact, because the US government subsidizes all of the ingredients that are making us sick, I’m pretty certain they know how it’s affecting us. Essentially, all I am trying to do is give people another option to be healthier, and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

What made me start taking ASEA seriously?

What was my switch? My son’s doctor. We had gone in for his yearly wellness check and lo and behold there was a bottle of ASEA on her shelf. I was shook! What in the hey was ASEA doing at our doctors office? I asked her about it and she calmly nodded her head and said, “A lot of my patients swear by it, they sleep better, have better metabolism, so many benefits.” Our Medical Doctor, an Institutionally trained MD was recommending ASEA! Also, she’s one of the best doctors in Northern Virginia. I know because we researched her prior because we wanted the best doctor for our son.

I went back home and started doing crazy research on ASEA but it turned up zilch. There aren’t any credible case studies of ASEA online. It drives me insane that the Company hasn’t compiled a meta analysis of their product. But it made me start taking the product religiously and within a month I started feeling the benefits of ASEA.

Want to schedule a call for more information about ASEA, email me: or contact me via Linkedin. I look forward to connecting.

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