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Science behind ASEA

“These results are unique and exciting. ASEA is a signaling supplement and the pathways expressed are signaling genes.”

— Dr. Kenneth Ward

Excerpt: Results of an 8-week study showed 20-31% difference in gene expression abundance in five genes that are involved in pathway signaling. These five include…

  • Natural Immune system
  • Vascular health
  • Digestive health
  • Hormone health
  • Inflammation and immunotolerance
The Importance of Enhancing Redox Signaling in Functional Medicine

This article is from HCF Seminars by Julianne Trimble

Remarkable effects of ASEA in a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy -- Case Report

by Andrei-Lucian Dragoi (Independent MD, pediatrician) Romania

Safety and classification of ASEA Redox Supplement

Includes BioAgilytix Laboratories Validation

ASEA Medical Professionals Board

List of the ASEA Medical Professionals Board, Leaders in their respective fields. They provide advise, guidance and professional voice to the Company.

Watch the entire process of ASEA being made in an FDA listed NSF Certified facility. The manufacturing plant is located in Utah, USA. The video is presented by ASEA’s current COO, Scott Aldred.

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