Forever Asea

How to buy ASEA

To receive a 20% discount for Asea, choose “Preferred customer,” which essentially means auto-shipments.  if you choose “Retail Customer” you pay US $160 for 4 bottles of Asea but if you choose “Preferred Customer” — you will only pay $130 for the same 4 bottles. 

Step 1 : From the Top

Follow my link that goes to this start page. Complete the drop-down fields for Country (US), language (US-English) and “Ship my order” unless you are going to pick it up. Then, click on “Enroll” as a Retail Customer.

Here is my direct link again:

Step 2: Order ASEA Redox Supplement

Click on the ASEA bottles and then click on “Next”

If you are here to buy Renu28, click on the Renu28 image and text and follow those prompts.

Step 3: Choose how many bottles

You need a months supply of ASEA so I recommend buying four (4) bottles, if you buy the two bottles, you are going to pay for shipping twice, which will increase your cost/per bottle. To optimize the benefits of ASEA, it takes 2-3 months.

Step 4: Once you click on the 4 bottles, this page appears, click on "add to cart"

Click on “Add to Cart”

This is an additional click but patience please… one day, I hope ASEA finds the right UX Dev to maintain the website. A great product deserves a great User Experience!

Step 5: Click on "next" again!

When you click on “add to cart” this additional step comes up so simply click on “next” again… you are almost there!

Step 6: Complete your Info

Finally, complete your shipping information. Pls make sure you have me as your sponsor! Once you click on next, you will be taken to billing and that’s it!

Step 7: Confirmation Email

Once you have completed the form and provided payment details, you will receive a confirmation email. If you are in the US, you will receive your ASEA package within 5 days.

This button takes you
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