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ASEA is essentially a supplement that addresses the cellular breakdown of our bodies at the genetic level. It’s a supplement that repairs our cells. ASEA works at the molecular level to address the breakdown of our genetic material. The official website of ASEA calls it a ‘cell signaling” supplement’

ASEA is able to activate the genetic pathways of the following:
  • Immune system
  • Hormone modulation
  • Inflammatory response
  • Digestive function
  • Cardiovascular system

It does this by protecting, rejuvenating and restoring cells.

You can buy ASEA right here on my website. ASEA hasn’t gone the traditional way of selling supplements and because it is a new category altogether, it makes sense. No one is going to buy ASEA in the pharmacy because they don’t know what it does and even when they find out, there are way too many skeptics. When you have someone you trust recommend a product, it helps the buying process. It also provides income for stay-at-home Moms and I think thats great!

If you live in Continental USA, shipping via UPS is 2 business days. If you live outside of the US, you will get the approximate delivery window on your order form.

Opps, sorry, as of Feb 2022, they updated their delivery system and shipments have changed from daily to weekends. If you Order just before the weekend, you will get faster!

Yes there is ASEA on and it costs $160 for 4 bottles. You can buy ASEA directly from me for $150 for 4 bottles (use preferred customer instead of retail) and also get the 2 day shipping (US residents). When you buy from an accredited reseller, you can be certain that the bottles are coming directly from ASEA’s manufacturing facility. Please be aware that ASEA’s expiration date is after 15 weeks after it has left the production plant. It’s safer to buy it directly from a reseller.

There are three main reasons:
  1. You are not taking it properly. Take ASEA on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning and last thing at night are the recommended times. Initially, drink the 60 ML cup. Increase dosage after a week. Once you take ASEA, wait atleast 10 minutes before eating /drinking anything else.
  2. You are either taking too little of it or too much of it. You have to find your dosage depending on your issue.
  3. You are not drinking enough water throughout the day. The key to optimizing how Asea works is by drinking water throughout the day.

Same way you buy ASEA. Check out my ‘How to buy‘ section and replace all ‘ASEA” for ‘RENU’ — let me know if you have any issues.

Renu is the counterpart of ASEA. If ASEA works internally, Renu works externally. They go hand-in-hand. I’ve personally used Renu during my health journey and I mentioned that in the ‘Benefits‘ section of my website.

ASEA costs US$150 — for 4 bottles that are each 32 FL Oz ( a little less than a liter)– this is enough for a months supply for one person. You get the 15-30% discount when you sign up for auto-shipping (preferred customer) effectively bringing the costs down.

One tube of Renu costs US$ 50 — $80 for two tubes. Again, you can bring this cost down if you sign up for auto-shipping (preferred customer)

Yes! When you buy ASEA, choose “preferred” customer instead of “retail” customer and you will automatically receive 15 – 30% discounts on your order. Take note that a preferred customer is a monthly subscription to ASEA.

If you want to be a reseller of ASEA and don’t have a team, join mine! Here is my Reseller link. Click on “ASEA Associate” and choose the ‘Welcome Kit’ — there is a yearly membership fee of $40.

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