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Why are there no peer reviewed, double-blind studies on ASEA?

Why are there no peer reviewed, double-blind studies on ASEA
Zero. Zilch. Nada. WTF?

I’m certain that when you started your ASEA journey, like me, you wanted to find more information about it, in particular double-blind studies. I’ve scoured the first 10 pages of Google and first 10 pages of Google Scholar. It’s not good. In fact, I haven’t been able to find any peer-reviewed, double blind studies, which is so important when defending the product.

It eventually dawned on me that ASEA’s classification was that of a dietary supplement not a pharmaceutical drug. Only pharmaceutical drugs are required to undergo double-blind studies to prove efficacy. ASEA is made of salt and water. Let me mention, its safety profile is impeccable.

When I realized their technical classification, I realized that because ASEA was a new product, it would’ve taken years to undergo double-blind studies — so instead of go that route, they went ahead and hit the market? Im speculating but that would be my guess.

A non-traditional supplement with minimal start-up capital

Instead of sell traditionally — in supermarkets or pharmaceutical stores — it made the most sense to engage in multi-level-marketing. First of all, it makes no sense to sell ASEA in supermarkets, it’s a not a traditional supplement. Those bottles would languish on the grocery shelves racking up inventory costs because they would be slow-moving products. It also wouldn’t make sense selling the bottles in drug stores because — well, I think ASEA is trying hard to stay away from being labeled as a drug because its a naturally-derived product.

Most of the doctors on ASEA’s board are Naturopathic and Integrative — Doctors who believe in optimal healing using our greatest assets — our bodies.

Multi-level-marketing was a better direction for ASEA because less overhead expenses and less sales and marketing expenses. This direction is ideal for a company with a great product and very little start-up capital. As a small business owner myself, it makes total sense.

Although, I still don’t fully trust MLM companies and the MLM system in general. I’ve made peace with it because, I’ve personally experienced the benefits of ASEA.

Countering the negative online blogs about ASEA

I was the biggest skeptic coming into this and the first few blogs that I read about ASEA where that it was made with salt and water and the entire thing was a scam. Of course I believe those blogs! Thats why it took me a long time to start my ASEA journey.

There is a blogger, with first page results for ‘asea redox,’ that says ASEA didn’t work for him but he still had affiliate links of ASEA going to Amazon. My question is, why would you sell something that you didn’t believe in? Ridiculous. If you don’t believe in a product, don’t effin’ sell it. Don’t effin’ put those affiliate links because you, Sir, are a travesty.

There is another writer, a PHD writer and he makes fun of the word, “ASEA.” Because he has a PHD after his name, it was so easy for me to believe every single thing he wrote against ASEA. He equates selling ASEA to “selling hair dye to bald people.”

I could go on, I scoured more than 10 pages of Google when doing my research but I’m going to stop there. I believed in these negative blogs when I was doing my initial research. For every person who believes in ASEA, there are a thousand others who don’t.

So how can you counter these negative blogs? Well, you will have to write your own blog with the same amount of researched, credible data so that Google indexes your blog and ranks it accordingly. Also, if your blog is published on credible website, Google will rank your web page accordingly. ie. naturopathic, wellness, fitness, food health, etc. Expertise is key.If writers who support ASEA also write about it with the same amount of vigor then it would help counter the negative impressions of ASEA online. But, there will always be skeptics. Accept it and move on.

ASEA User: from skeptic to believer

I started buying ASEA because my sister was reselling it. I’ve always supported my sister in any capacity so I just started buying it but I didn’t drink it consistently. I didn’t believe it could do anything for me because I thought I didn’t need it. I really thought I was healthy enough not to need ASEA.

My switch was seeing an ASEA blue bottle in my son’s doctors office. I asked her about it and she said, a lot of my patients swear by it. My son’s doctor is one of the leading integrative family doctors in Northern VA. We researched her completely because we wanted the best doctor for our son.

I started taking ASEA religiously after that day and within a few weeks I started feeling the benefits. The one thing that I recommend is to up your dose. The 2oz in the morning and evening didn’t do much for me, I initially tripped and then doubled my dose and started feeling the benefits.

  • digestive health
  • allergic rhinitis
  • mental clarity

… to name a few. I’m so amazed.
Also, I signed up to be a reseller. For someone thats never believed in multi-level marketing, I’m actually a reseller! Thats how much ASEA has changed my life.

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