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Renu 28 for Children (Fever in Kids)


Renu 28 helped reduce my son’s fever from 101°F to 98.5°F overnight. I was surprised at the efficiency of Renu28 on my kid’s fever — within less than 2 hours, he started profusely sweating and his fever broke! Obviously Tylenol can do the same thing but, it comes with quite a few side effects.  For example kid’s tylenol actually affects the gut microbiome, killing both good and bad bacteria.   You want to strengthen your kid’s immune system and tylenol, by affecting the good bacteria in our gut microbiome, does the opposite.  Renu is effective without the side effects.

I want to point out that this is not medical advise.  This is based on my personal experience as a Mom with a 5yo son.

Background on Renu 28

I’ve been using Renu on my face for over a year and its done wonders.  My face is clear, I don’t look 49.  In fact, with ASEA combination, I don’t feel 49 — I’ve talked about the wonders of ASEA in past blogs, this one is about Renu28 and how invaluable it has proven to be as a Mom  with a young kid.  I strongly believe that all Moms should have Renu in their medicinal arsenals when they have young children.

Here are the things that I normally use Renu for…

Insect bites — when my son complains of an insect bite, I reach for Renu and put a small dab on the affected skin and automatically, the itching goes away.  You normally have to apply it a few times but it gets the job done.

Wounds and bruises — all kids get into all kinds of scrapes and my son is no exception.  He usually gets scrapes and bruises because he loves running around barefoot and playing outside.  Instead of reach for Neosporin, which is what a lot of Moms do, I reach for the Renu28.   Renu will heal and dry the skin with 24 hours of application.  Neosporin can cause allergies (contact dermatitis) because of its ingredients. More information on Neosporin can be found here.  Renu and ASEA’s active ingredients are deionized water and sodium chloride (salt), which, essentially do not have any side effects.

What Renu (and ASEA) both do is a mechanism called cell signaling.  When you have wound, our bodies can and will heal that wound — the speed of which is going to be determined by your overall health.  If you are a young and healthy individual, your wound will heal fast.  If you are not so healthy, your wound will heal slower.  What cell signaling does, whether you are healthy or unhealthy is allow your cells communicate to each other much faster so the healing takes place much faster than your “normal” healing time.

Cell signaling is much faster in kids so wounds normally heal much faster in kids — cell signaling diminishes as we get older so Renu is great for adults too.  I use Renu on my face, thats how gentle it is but I also, personally, use Renu for everything else.  I once burned my hand while cooking and used Renu on the wound, which helped initially with the searing pain and healed it within the same timeframe (no swelling or bruising).

Renu for Fever in Kids (5 years old)

Right now, its August 27, 2023 and yesterday, in the news cycle, Covid-19 cases have increased.  So obviously, as Mom with an active kid who hangs out with other kids — when they come down with a fever, your first thought is “On on, it might be covid”  — that was my thought, anyway.

On his first night with fever, it reached a temperature of 103 and my co-parent reached for kid’s tylenol.  This helped him sleep better. But the next morning his fever was up again.

On the second night, I insisted on putting Renu on his neck, where the lymph-nodes are located. His lymph nodes were so swollen so I kept putting renu on it.  I must’ve done 3 applications when his right side decreased in size and his neck was suddenly cool to the touch.  He was able to sleep and within an hour he started sweating profusely.  His fever had broken.  The next morning his temperature was 99°F and within 30 mins of waking up his temperature was 98.5°F — I applied Renu throughout the day because his one of the lymph nodes was still swollen and his fever did not come back at all.   The next morning when he woke up, he drank a whole glass of water, he was parched!  He also ate one boiled egg with rice porridge, a salmon sandwich and a cup of fruits — pretty amazing.   Renu is pretty amazing!

I’m a Mom so if you are a Mom and you have questions about Renu or ASEA, please feel free to get in touch!

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