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Immune System Health and ASEA Redox

I am one of those people who have a very low immune system, meaning I frequently got sick. During the height of COVID in 2020-21, I contracted COVID-19 five times and had to visit the ER twice. It was a frightening time for me because my allergies manifest as rhinitis and asthma. Before COVID-19, I would normally fall ill and need antibiotics and steroids from a doctor at least once, sometimes twice a year. It’s important to note also that I’m not overweight, I’m quite active, and my diet was better than that of most Americans. Another crucial detail is this: I had to increase my use of antibiotics and steroids as I got older because the previous doses were no longer effective.

My immune system was so compromised because, as a child, I had many allergies; I was allergic to everything. This meant I was always taking antihistamines, and when I got sick, I was always on antibiotics. It’s important to mention that both of these medications are effective to some extent, but they are also detrimental to your immune health when taken for long periods.

I know I should reference studies to support my claims, and here are some studies/articles that provide data and insights into the long-term effects of antihistamines:

Long-term Effects of Antihistamines

By now, everyone knows the detrimental long-term effects of antibiotics, but here are some links to provide clarity:

Long-term effects of Antibiotics

  • Long-term outcomes in patients on life-long antibiotics: A 5-year cohort study — links to the NIH scientific literature. “We observed a cohort of patients who had been prescribed long-term antibiotics over a five-year period. The key finding of our study was a high overall mortality rate of 26% over five years. Twenty-two percent of the cohort ceased their antimicrobials, with intolerable medication side effects being the reason for cessation in a third of these cases.”
  • Antibiotic use has more unwanted effects than previously thought — links to Medical News Today. “Previously, it was thought that antibiotics only killed gut bacteria and blocked some immune functions in the gut. But the new study shows they also destroy cells in the intestinal epithelium.”

What I Should Have Done Instead

When I was younger, big pharma had a tight grip on the population, and we were definitely influenced. They controlled our hearts and minds via traditional marketing, i.e., TV ads. We had no other way to get information aside from that, so we believed the ads sold to us by men wearing white coats, representing an industry that was, at the time, well-respected.

In hindsight, if I had known then what I know now, here is what I should have done to control my allergies and use of antibiotics:

  • Instead of using antihistamines, I should have taken natural supplements that work like antihistamines, like Quercetin with bromelain. I should have taken Spirulina, which is even more effective than some antihistamines.
  • I should have stayed away from things I was allergic to, instead of exposing myself to my allergies and then popping an antihistamine.
  • I should have had a better, healthier diet and drank more water. In my 20s, like every other 20-year-old, my diet consisted mostly of pizza and Coke.
  • Instead of taking antibiotics all the time, I should have tried to figure out why my body was reacting the way it was. I was so inflamed that I would eventually need steroids. After taking control of my health (stopped eating meat and changed to a pescetarian diet, eating minimal sugar and processed foods), I now no longer take antibiotics. It’s been over 3 years now.

Reflecting on that list fills me with regret. I wish I had understood my body and health back then. It’s so easy to be healthy! But, again, it’s also very easy to be influenced by big pharma, especially because fast food and processed food are so delicious. I mean, when you are young and feel invincible, who in their right mind would choose broccoli sprouts over pizza? No one. But what I should have done was eat broccoli three of the four times I chose pizza instead. No one is saying to stop eating pizza; instead, simply eat more vegetables.

The Immune-Boosting Power of ASEA

I want to point out that even though my diet changed and I was better at not consuming as much sugar, my body was still recovering from the decades of abuse I put it through. My immune system was still struggling, and I was still getting sick frequently, even though my approach to health was evolving. Enter ASEA, and the results are astounding. So, I’ve been taking ASEA now for close to 2 years. In the last 6 months, I’ve increased my dosage to 4 cups (240ml), twice per day. I’m reporting that for the entire year of 2023, I have not gotten sick. Not even the sniffles, and no doctor visits. The only other thing I’ve added to my daily regimen is an increased dose of ASEA, and the results… I’m floored to have realized that I didn’t get sick at all in 2023. Other noticeable improvements include:

  • I’m not as allergic to my cat anymore. I can sit beside her for longer periods without getting allergic rhinitis. In fact, my allergies have receded so much that I now allow my cat to sleep on my bed, but near my feet. A few years ago, that would’ve sent my body into shock, and I would’ve needed an EPI-PEN.
  • I run 5ks with my son regularly and am not out of breath — a few years ago, simply taking the trash out would make me out of breath.
  • I have to mention that I have not once gotten sick in 2023. My son, who is exposed to other kids, has had a fever a couple of times and sniffles — and I usually catch whatever he brings home, but this year, I didn’t catch a single virus from him. It’s really unbelievable, but it’s true. No doctor visits this past year!

Anyway, if you have immune health issues, I urge you to try taking ASEA. It’s done wonders for me and my immune health. If you increase your dose, like I did, I’m certain you will experience the same benefits of not getting sick at all.

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