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ASEA Replaces all Supplements

ASEA Replaces all Supplements
I use to take US$ 350 worth of supplements per month

After a few months on ASEA, I stopped taking my regular supplements. I didn’t need anything else. Here are the regular supplements that I would take…

If you add all these supplements, you are looking at a minimum of US $350 per month. When I started taking ASEA I was still taking the supplements but after a month, I stopped taking about half of them and now, I’ve completely stopped taking any other supplement except for ASEA.

With ASEA, it feels like my body has gone back in time. Either my late 20’s / early 30’s — about the time when I stopped partying all night and started taking better care of my health. Back then, my body had the ability to heal itself and bounce back from whatever ailment I was feeling. As I got older, my body’s ability to heal itself stopped working as well and thats why I had to start taking supplements… my digestive issues happened because my diet was so bad. I wasn’t eating well so my entire body was inflamed… just so many bad decisions. I blame my youthful ignorance and I’ve had many regrets. Im so thankful for finding ASEA and this second chance.

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